Which Corona del Mar Home Style is Right for You?

Coastal California living.

Three words never held such awe-inspiring wonder. The images they invoke represent some of the most sought-after lifestyles anywhere in the country. Laid-back beach scenes. Cool, quaint oceanfront villages. Spectacular homes with distinctive style and Pacific Ocean views.

One such place exists along the Orange County coast that captures all three - Corona Del Mar.

While most people agree on what the beach and village experience should be, opinions differ on what constitutes the perfect coastal home.

Is it a vintage cottage dating back to a bygone era? A retro residence that represents transitioning California cool? Perhaps something more modern and contemporary? Or is it a classic design fit for any age, whether it speaks to Mediterranean vibes or those closer to home?

The only way to know is to travel to California's "Crown of the Sea" and answer the question, which Corona Del Mar home style is right for you?

California Beach Cottage 

Let's begin our journey across Corona Del Mar's residential real estate scene with the home style that best represents the image of coastal California cool—the California beach cottage.

A vintage beach cottage represents a relaxed, breezy lifestyle. Many of Corona Del Mar's classic cottages date back to the 1930s and 1940s and have been updated to meet modern standards.

Many, though, still retain their instantly recognizable charms. The cottages feature exposed wood beams, hardwood floors, and bright living spaces filled with plenty of windows to let in the natural light.

Renovations often focus on expanding a cottage's trademark small cooking area. But the limited footprint retains the space's cozy accommodations, which promotes a festive atmosphere when preparing a meal.

The true gems in Corona Del Mar's cottage collection also feature small outdoor spaces perfect for al fresco dining.

Mid-Century Modern

Often associated with Los Angeles' real estate roots, mid-century modern homes eventually made their way down the PCH to coastal Corona Del Mar. And they did so in spectacular fashion.

Dating from between 1945 and the 1970s, most mid-century modern homes in Corona Del Mar were built in the 1950s, at the height of the design movement's popularity.

Best described as minimalism with a beachy flair, mid-century moderns along the coast make excellent use of the oceanside setting.

The clean lines, low-pitched roofs, and variety of materials made famous by this style of home blend naturally into their surroundings. An abundance of light is often the primary draw of the collection of mid centuries throughout the city.

Similar to the beach cottages, many of Corona Del Mar's mid-century modern homes have received updates to ensure continued livability. The most desirable homes feature ocean views.

Mediterranean / Spanish / Tuscan

It may not be fair to the individual design styles, but as they collectively represent one of the most popular home styles in Corona Del Mar, it's only natural to pair them together.

The Mediterranean styles throughout Corona Del Mar blend numerous aesthetics, including Spanish and Italian influences. The most common features—stucco exteriors, often in light natural shades, and oversized loggias and patios—make this home an obvious choice for Corona Del Mar's seaside locale.

Travel through practically any part of the community, and you're sure to come across several interpretations of the Mediterranean style.

Tuscan homes have far more distinctive features—imposing stone or stucco walls, bold tile roofs, stately columns, and an abundance of archways. The design influence draws from Tuscany's unique aesthetics, much grander compared to the rest of Italy, or the whole of the Mediterranean, for that matter.


A modern home that plays off current design trends and a number of various styles, including Craftsman and ranch, the contemporary style represents one of the most abundant home types across the Orange County coast.

The style proves a natural fit in Corona Del Mar.

Taking full advantage of the environment, the contemporary's large windows bring in the coast's best elements. The mix of materials mirrors that of the mid-century. It's easy to confuse the two styles here as many newly renovated mid-century homes take on contemporary design aesthetics.

Further defined by clean, geometric lines and large open floor plans perfect for entertaining or hosting family, you'll find a depth variety amongst the area's contemporary builds. They often prove ideal as a vacation home and are a favorite for second home ownership.

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